Polyurethane is perfect for coating complex shapes


When ultimate wear resistance is required, a polyurethane coating can be cast or sprayed on the surface of the product. This will protect the product from abrasion (sand, soil, gravel and other particles), moisture, water, oil, chemicals and corrosion.

A spray polyurethane coating is suitable for most substrates and follows the shape of the product. It can therefore be applied to almost any shape imaginable as well as to large surfaces. Spraying is a quick way of getting a product covered and ready to use. Pipe interiors can also be coated using equipment developed by SMH-Uretan. Spray application creates dense, seamless surfaces, keeping the thickness at only a few millimetres. Coating can be carried out on SMH-Uretan’s premises or the customer’s premises, using mobile spraying equipment.

Casting should be chosen when higher hardness is required. In this case, we use in-mould coating, which also enables the creation of patterns on the surface. The hardness of the material can vary greatly. Cast polyurethane coatings are used, for example, on the inner surfaces of shaft covers when these are exposed to water and temperature fluctuations.



The SR2 locomotives of the Finnish VR Group must withstand constantly changing weather: heat and cold, water and snow. SMH-Uretan has designed and carried out the repairs of cracks and water damage on the locomotives’ fibreglass noses, including spray-coating the upper parts of the nose windows with polyurethane. This has enhanced the durability of the locomotives and has extended their lifespan. The maintenance intervals of the repaired locomotives can also be lengthened, which generates cost savings.

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Seats for working machines

The seats of working machines are subject to considerable wear and tear. A seat coated with polyurethane by SMH-Uretan will have a much longer service life than a seat made of traditional materials. The floor mats of working machines can also be made of polyurethane – either by means of spraying or casting.

Technical properties of
polyurethane mats and coatings

Thickness: min 1.5mm, max 6mm
Surface structure: normally coarse, structured using a spray gun
Additives, such as aluminium, can be used to increase friction
Can also be made anti-static
Elongation at break: 300%–500%
Elastic material
Hardness: 75–92 Shore A
Good chemical resistance
Temperature range: -40°C … +80°C