Polyurethane has high elongation and is resistant to abrasion, impacts, temperature fluctuations, compression and moisture.

Polyurethane properties

Polyurethane has many excellent properties, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Durable and cost-effective, polyurethane is suitable for both small and large runs.

Did you know this about polyurethane?



At SMH-Uretan, we use room-temperature casting, which enables cost-effective production. Moulds can be made of non-metallic materials, saving both time and money. We can also use 3D models to support mould production, which adds entirely new dimensions to mould design.



Electronic products protected with polyurethane can easily withstand changes of direction involving g-forces of over 50. Owing to the hybrid structures, the products can absorb g-forces of well over 100.

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Polyurethane products are highly resistant to abrasion. Even steel products have been coated with polyurethane, in order to extend their service life. SMH-Uretan manufactures a range of doctor blades for stone crushers that must withstand heavy abrasion and temperature fluctuations. Polyurethane products also offer excellent chemical resistance.

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Polyurethane products are highly resistant to moisture and water. Even pipelines laid at the bottom of the sea have been coated with polyurethane. The coating dampens the motion of the waves, and algae cannot grow on it.

Uniikki design

Unique design

The appearance of polyurethane products can be designed to your wishes. Curved shapes are also possible, and you can freely choose the colour. The design can be created with the help of an industrial designer, and 3D technology can also be used. For example, the Visit Fazer centre, designed by Kivi Sotamaa, has a large number of unique seats and information signs manufactured by SMH-Uretan. The Finnjävel restaurant boasts seats whose frames were manufactured by SMH-Uretan.

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Compression strength, high elongation

Polyurethane products have great compression strength and high elongation. The typical elongation at break of polyurethane systems is 300%–500%.

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Short lead times

Delivery reliability and short lead times are SMH-Uretan’s key customer promises.

Pienet ja isot koot

Small and large sizes

Polyurethane can be used to produce products of all sizes. The smallest of our products have weighed only a few grams and the largest horloges replica hundreds of kilos. The theoretical maximum volume of a polyurethane product is a few cubic metres. The surface casting technique also makes it possible to coat even significantly larger objects.

Pienet ja isot toimituserät

Small and large runs

We usually produce runs of hundreds or thousands of pieces, but room-temperature casting also provides a cost-effective method for making one-off pieces for product development purposes. Where necessary, we can also manufacture consignment stock for the customer, ensuring cost-effective production and customer satisfaction.

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Resistant to temperature fluctuations

Polyurethane products retain their properties in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C. They can even briefly withstand temperatures of up to +400°C.

Technical specifications


  • Hardness
    • Shore A 35–95
    • Shore D 50–70
  • Low exothermic reaction, <70°C
  • Operating temperature
    • Continuous use +100°C
    • Max 3 h +140°C
    • Max 3 min +200°C
  • Surface resistance can be adjusted to be within the semiconductor range
  • Several other adjustable mechanical properties

Epoxy (for protecting electronics)

  • Exotherm max +40°C
  • Shrinkage 0.3%
  • Water absorption 0.1% (30 days @ RT)
  • Thermal conductivity 1.3 W/mK
  • Operating temperature -60°C … +200°C
  • Volume resistivity 3.4×1012 Ohm
  • Hardness Shore D 90

Silicone (for protecting electronics)

  • Very low hardness – silicone gel
  • For encapsulating electronic components
    • Automotive industry
    • Power electronics
    • Solar cells
    • Suspension elements
  • Resistivity 10^15 Ohm