30 years of experience
in polyurethane production

Serial production for diverse needs

SMH-Uretan specialises in polyurethane elastomer castings and mould-making. Polyurethane elastomers are highly resistant to abrasion and other mechanical stress, and also ideal for serial production. The hardness and other properties of the material can be adjusted for specific applications. Where necessary, we can also design the mould used in production. Our customers operate in a variety of industrial sectors, such as the manufacture of electronics and other equipment, as well as the engineering, shipbuilding and woodworking industries and manufacture of recreational products.

We choose the process that meets customer needs

The equipment we use allows us to cast or spray polyurethane to almost any shape imaginable. The method chosen is largely decided on the basis of the requirements set for the product to be produced.

Sprayed polyurethane forms a dense, seamless surface which is nevertheless elastic. Used as a coating, polyurethanes are resistant to weather, hydrolysis, hot air and ozone, making them also suitable for outdoor use. Dark colours are preferable in products that are continuously exposed to UV radiation. We use only the highest quality raw materials in our production processes.

Owing to its properties, sprayed or cast polyurethane is perfect for parts or surfaces that must withstand abrasion or other mechanical stress. Such parts are used in, for example, collision guards, stone crushers and various conveyors.

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Cost-effective mould for small and large production runs

The mould used in casting products is often made of polyurethane. Such a mould is far cheaper to make than a machined mould, and also enables the cost-effective production of prototypes and small quantities.

The model for the mould can be made of wood, plywood, plastic or metal – we have even used a plant leaf!

A non-metallic mould is easy to copy, meaning that we can build up stocks of moulds. The fast copying of moulds also enables us to increase production volumes if demand increases. The service life of a mould always depends on the item produced. Moulds can typically be reused hundreds of times.

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Polyurethane is a versatile material

SMH-Uretan has manufactured all kinds of products from polyurethane, including protective boots for horses, propellers for pellet burners, coatings for working machines, and signposts. Below are some examples of the products we manufacture.