Polyurethane is a versatile material

Polyurethane has many excellent properties, which makes it an ideal choice for a range of applications. Durable and cost-effective, polyurethane is suitable for both small and large runs. Examples of the uses of SMH-Uretan’s polyurethane products are electronics protection, wear parts and the coatings of various products. Tell us what you need and we’ll deliver it – quickly and cost-effectively.

 Polyurethane properties

Products made of polyurethane offer a remarkable range of properties. At SMH-Uretan, we use room-temperature casting, which is cost-effective and enables both small and large runs. Our polyurethane products are extremely durable: they are resistant to cold and heat, moisture, vibration, impact and dents. Products can be of any size, and we can also create unique designs. Read more about polyurethane properties >>



Kestää iskuja


Kestää kulutusta


Kestää kosteutta



Uniikki design

Unique design


Kestää puristusta ja venymistä

Compression strength,
high elongation


Nopeat toimitusajat

Short lead times

Pienet ja isot koot

Small and large sizes


Pienet ja isot toimituserät

Small and large runs


Kestää lämpötilanvaihteluja

Resistant to temperature


30 years of experience in polyurethane production

SMH-Uretan is a manufacturer of polyurethane products based in the Turkkirata industrial estate in Pirkkala, Finland. We use three low-pressure casting machines and a low-pressure spray gun.
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